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Orquestra no Porto · Orquestra Barroca
Orquestra no Porto · Orquestra Barroca
Orchestra in Cultural Heritage · Free Entrance

After a brilliant debut at Avenida dos Aliados in 2018, Orquestra Barroca returns, accompanied once again by the acclaimed conductor, violinist and countertenor Dmitry Sinkovsky. The evening begins with a dance symphony by Rebel, a style invented by this French Baroque composer who was a prominent figure in the courts of Louis XIV and Louis XV. The festive atmosphere is evident in Händel's Water Music, which was written to accompany the royal British entourage on an excursion across the River Thames. After France and England, this magical journey ends in Italy with contagious melodies by Vivaldi, in a work that highlights several wind instruments and the timpani.

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