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David Fonseca - Radio Gemini_Closer
David Fonseca - Radio Gemini_Closer
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  • After celebrating Silence 4’s 20th anniversary at Coliseu de Lisboa e Coliseu do Porto in 2018, David Fonseca prepared something he had been wanting to do for a long time, and which he named “Radio Gemini_Closer”, a cross between film and music in a real-time interactive movie that lets us discover many of the secret paths his compositions and his particular way of looking at the world have put him through. “There is an immensely personal side to this approach, but perhaps that is the magic of playing live, of revealing myself as I rarely get a chance to do. It will be a performance on a tightrope, between images and sounds, as real and fragile as life, but bigger, louder and, if all goes well, with confetti.”

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