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De Mozart a Tchaikovski
De Mozart a Tchaikovski
  • Sinfónica
  • M/6
  • One of today's most awarded young pianists returns to Sala Suggia to perform Mozart's Concerto No. 18. In the year he wrote this piece, the genius of Salzburg was at the peak of his artistic output and finished six concerts for piano that are considered the greatest exponents of his instrumental music. The presentation of Tchaikovsky's Symphonies continues with one of today's most prestigious Russian conductors, Vassily Sinaisky, winner of the Gold Medal at the prestigious Karajan Competition in Berlin (1973). Challenged by Balakirev to write a piece inspired by the Gothic poem Manfred, written in 1817 by Lord Byron, Tchaikovsky composed a homonymous symphony in which all the movements contain a fixed idea associated with the character of Manfred.

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