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Pedro Luís com S
Pedro Luís com S
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Pedro Luís is a rare self-sufficient, multifaceted and aggregator artist. He was a rocker at Urge in the 80s and gave musical form to the poetic funk of Boato in the 90s. In the following decade, he became the mortar of the musical factory called A Parede, with whom he formed Monobloco, which has been drawing crowds of people to the Carioca carnival for 18 years. He writes beautiful songs for MPB with varied partners and produces albums for several artists. In the concert “Pedro Luís com S”, the singer and composer from Rio de Janeiro demonstrates the plurality of his songbook, including compositions written for artists like Elza Soares, Cidade Negra and Roberta Sá, and also songs by Luiz Melodia that are at the core of his most recent work. On stage we will only hear his voice, his guitar and a drummer.

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