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Virtuosismo Impossível
Virtuosismo Impossível
  • Barroca • Remix
  • M/6
  • The concert leader of Orquestra Barroca, Huw Daniel, takes charge of the orchestra once again in a concert that crosses several geographies of the Baroque period: Italy, England, Germany and the Netherlands. The program includes several concertante works that explore the idea of virtuosity in this historical period. Absolutely impossible is the virtuosity demanded by the American composer Conlon Nancarrow in his Studies. Clearly impossible, since they were not written for human interpreters but for player piano, a mechanical piano very popular in the early twentieth century, which played by itself reading a roll of perforated paper. The pianist Yvar Mikhashoff adapted several of these studies to be played by real musicians, in an ensemble, bringing these challenging pieces to the concert hall.

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